Winter is frequently linked with a lot of issues related to electricity, which could impact property owners during this time. Homeowners must be very careful since apart from other things, the extreme winter weather can possibly result in electrical hazards such as fluctuations and power outages, which leads to strong winds, rain, and heavy snow. These power problems are the cause of all types of issues when it comes to properties and some areas where electricity is in use. As a homeowner, the key to be sure that you will keep safe from electrical dangers in the winter season is to be prepared. To know beneficial electricity tips for winter, check out these items below: 

Never overload wattage or circuits 

Regardless of the darker day, you should just utilize the suggested wattage for your light fixture. Refrain from overloading your wall outlets and just plug 3-prong cords into 3-pong outlets. Utilize extension cords only if needed and for temporary use.  

Think about generator repairs and installations 

Winter is the time when a winter storm can destroy your home electrical. Nobody would like to be without electrical power. Hence, it’s important to guarantee that your portable generator is properly installed and is operating to help give continuous and safe power especially if those ice storms will disrupt your home and power. As much as possible, portable generators must be placed farther from the house since it produces carbon monoxide. A specific circuit for your portable generators is always commended, hence, you should only plug the number of wattages that your generator can take. Moreover, if you’re lucky enough to get an entire home generator, guarantee that it’s effectively running before a storm hits you.  

Guarantee that your carbon monoxide detectors are functioning 

The death rates due to carbon monoxide poisoning grow during the winter season because of the typical fuels such as coal, wood, and natural gas. Fortunately, you can save the life of your family by setting up a carbon monoxide alarm.  

Be careful of electric blankets 

Refrain from utilizing electric blankets while you sleep. If you have blankets with damaged areas or worn-out ones, it would be best to dispose them of.  

Utilize space heaters sparingly and safely 

Make sure to keep your space heaters at least 4 ft. from clothes, drapes, furniture and do not leave them unattended if they are switched on. Also, do not utilize an extension cord if you want your heaters to be plugged into an outlet.  

Leave the installation and rewiring projects to the experts 

Any sort of new installations or rewiring must be left to the certified electricians since such projects usually have to be performed in accordance with the National Electrical Code to guarantee that it’s properly done. This is to prevent any possible issues or hazards with electrical inspections in the future. 

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