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Statement: Entrepreneur John Delaney Announces Congressional Candidacy for Maryland’s Sixth District

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For Immediate Release: January 4, 2012

Contact: Katie Burnham (202) 415-5742


Entrepreneur John Delaney Announces Congressional Candidacy for

Maryland’s Sixth District

Former Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan Endorses Delaney


Local Democratic businessman John Delaney filed his candidacy today for Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District.

“I am running for Congress as a way of continuing my work as a proven job creator.   The unemployment rate in the country is tragic. We have a fundamental challenge — we need an economy that creates good jobs for the middle class,” stated Delaney. “But there is also the long term challenge — to reverse workforce trends so there is growth and job creation going forward. I understand how to create jobs and the needs of small businesses — and it’s small businesses that are the job creation engine.  This challenge is particularly relevant to voters in the recently reformulated sixth district.   Maryland has enjoyed the benefits of strong federal spending in our economy.  Based on widely held views of future federal spending patterns, Maryland is vulnerable, and this worries me greatly.  For the past year I have led a state-wide effort called Blueprint Maryland that has defined this issue as a ‘call to action’ that needs focus.  I am NOT a political insider and I embrace the notion that people, not party politics, choose a candidate.  As an entrepreneur that has created over 1,000 jobs in Montgomery County and as a community leader, I bring a fresh and new perspective to this challenge that is different than the ‘politics as usual’ that has failed our nation; I am approaching this more as a citizen than as a politician.  I view my candidacy as a cause rather than a career and it is an effort to reform the system that has failed us,” added the candidate.

The son of an electrician who earned scholarships to go to college from his father’s union, Delaney learned at a young age to roll up his sleeves and work hard to succeed. Today, the father of four daughters is a community activist in education, social justice and progressive values. His wife, April, is a leading advocate for media literacy for children and their parents.

“There’s a critical role for government, there’s a critical role for small businesses, and there is a need to move beyond the negative politics and start addressing the challenges we face.  It strikes me that the problems facing our country are solvable, but they need to be solved by different people.  They need to be solved through a spirit of compromise and generosity towards others that puts the best long-term interest of the district and country first.  While this is viewed by some as inconsistent with partisan politics, it is the right answer to my mind,” said Delaney.

Citing Delaney’s vision and leadership, the popular former Montgomery County Executive, Doug Duncan, enthusiastically endorsed Delaney’s candidacy. “I was one of many who hoped John would run,” said Duncan. “After many years, the Democratic Party has a chance to take back the Sixth Congressional District and I believe that John Delaney is the candidate with the strongest background to go to Washington and turn our economy around,” continued Duncan.

Delaney founded two NYSE-listed companies headquartered in Maryland by age 40, and his businesses have provided financing to over 5,000 companies, including the small and medium-sized startups that Wall Street and the big banks ignored. Delaney founded Blueprint Maryland, a non-profit dedicated to educating and involving the public in diversifying Maryland’s economy and encouraging private sector job growth and serves in leadership positions on some of the leading non-profit organizations in the region.

“I know that the families of the Sixth District want something better than the impasse we have in Congress today, and John’s leadership in the business sector and in the community gives him a keen understanding of leading and accomplishing measurable objectives.  He is a doer”, added Duncan.

“My priority is jobs and our economy. My campaign will start with visits to job creators and job training facilities, and this will be the focus throughout the campaign. During the next 90 days I will be providing detailed plans as to how to address the challenges facing our country in employment, education, and energy – my ‘Three E Approach’  – that is central to our future.” added Delaney.



Voters can watch an introductory video about John at:

Delaney will hold a tele-town hall Wednesday, January 11th at 7:30 p.m., enabling families from throughout the district to call in to learn more about John and to ask him direct questions about his campaign for Congress.

To speak directly to Doug Duncan please call him directly at 240-447-7036.

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