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Release: Delaney Calls Garagiola Contributions Ethically Questionable

Thursday, February 2, 2012  |  Tags: , ,


The FEC report filed by Rob Garagiola (CD-6) this week shows contributions that raise significant ethical questions. A review of the FEC report identifies 30 active Maryland lobbyists who have a continued interest in investing in Garagiola’s legislative votes.  At least half of these lobbyists previously contributed to his legislative campaign account, and now have moved their funding to his congressional race.

Maryland law prohibits fundraising for a state account during the General Assembly session. Campaign manager Max Cummings said, “This law was established to prevent any conflicts of interest. Garagiola is exploiting a loophole by directing funds to his Congressional account from lobbyists who have a direct interest in influencing his legislative vote.

According to the Ethics Guide of the Joint Committee of Legislative Ethics, “The Ethics Law, at § 15-101(a) of the State Government Article, notes that the public’s ‘confidence and trust is eroded when the conduct of the State’s business is subject to improper influence or even the appearance of improper influence.’” Delaney called for closer scrutiny of Garagiola’s campaign finances to determine from which legislation he should recuse himself.

“Our opponent’s focus has been both lobbying and using his position to carve out a district for himself.  He won’t come clean on his own professional lobbying activities. And it is unconscionable to be in bed with lobbyists while he’s a Maryland legislator in the session.  Haven’t we had enough of this?” said Cummings.


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