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Release: Maryland GOP Launches Blatantly False Attack on John Delaney’s Business Record

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John Delaney asks Roscoe Bartlett to renounce these attacks and stand up for the truth

August 29, 2012
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GAITHERSBURG – The Maryland GOP, under the leadership of Chairman Alex Mooney (also a Bartlett Congressional staffer) recently launched the first negative mailer of the general election, falsely accusing John Delaney of owning and operating a landfill.  John Delaney has never owned or operated a landfill. None of Delaney’s companies have ever owned or operated a landfill.

Just last week Congressman Roscoe Bartlett’s campaign stated in a press release; “This is the type of negative politics that Marylanders are sick and tired of”. If Bartlett stands by this statement he should renounce this false attack and demand that his supporters at the Maryland Republican Party immediately stop sending out factually inaccurate mailers on Delaney’s private sector experience.

If Congressman Bartlett renounces these tactics he should also clarify if his campaign transferred money to the Maryland Republican Party to help pay for this mailing.

“Regrettably this is the kind of shameful behavior people have come to expect from other career politicians; but we had hoped that Congressman Bartlett was different,” said Delaney Campaign Manager Justin Schall. “Congressman Bartlett might want to remember that the last time the political establishment falsely attacked John Delaney’s business record voters responded by giving John a 25 point victory.”

John Delaney added, “The attack on me and my business is utterly and completely wrong.  I have never owned or operated a landfill and unless the Congressman renounces these false accusations we can only conclude that he endorses political tactics that condemn legitimate free enterprise.  I believe attempts to destroy the reputation of legitimate business practices in the name of political gain is an attack on our entire system of free markets and free enterprise.”

The Facts

  • The company John Delaney founded, CapitalSource, is a lender who provides loans to thousands of businesses
  • Neither John Delaney nor CapitalSource has owned or operated a landfill
  • CapitalSource loaned money to National Waste Services of Virginia, it is simply one of the more than 5,000 companies that have received loans from CapitalSource
  • In fact, after the violations, it is well documented that Page County, Virginia took over all operations of the landfill, not John Delaney or CapitalSource [“PAGE COUNTY WORKS ON LANDFILL HAVING TAKEN CONTROL,” Richmond Times Dispatch, 4/30/2005]
  • John Delaney has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters
  • Roscoe Bartlett scored a 0/100 from the Sierra Club and 9/100 from the League of Conservation Voters in their most recent rankings

The Maryland Republican Party mailer can be viewed here.


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