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Statement: Garagiola’s GOP lobbying career is the issue; Delaney a long-time and major Democratic donor

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Statement from Delaney Campaign Manager Max Cummings:

Rob Garagiola’s newest attack and distortion follows weeks of negative attacks and negative tweets.  But once again, he is ignoring the facts.

John Delaney and his wife April have been among the strongest and most consistent Maryland supporters of the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates, having raised $800,000 for Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election cycle and given over $52,000 to the Maryland Democratic Party, $56,000 to the Democratic National Committee, tens of thousands more directly to candidates in Maryland and across the county, and hosted events that raised millions to elect Democrats. He was a host several months ago for the Maryland Democratic Party luncheon honoring Senator Barbara Mikulski. He is a former Trustee to the Maryland Democratic Party. He has personally hosted numerous fundraisers at his home for Governor Martin O’Malley and Attorney General Doug Gansler. John and April Delaney’s contributions include over $16,000 to Governor Martin O’Malley, $18,000 to Attorney General Doug Gansler, and $8,000 to Lt. Governor Anthony Brown.

It is Rob Garagiola who has a problem when it comes to siding with Republicans.  In his work as a lobbyist, he supported efforts to defeat Democratic health care reform. The real tragedy here is that instead of attacking a life-long Democrat who has helped dozens of Democrats get elected, Garagiola should have come clean about his own Republican ties.

And, ironically, Rob Garagiola has been the best friend Andy Harris could have. It was Garagiola’s redistricting games to carve a seat out for himself that made the district safer for Congressman Harris.

It is indisputable that John Delaney has been one of the strongest, most committed Democratic Party supporters, and it is a shame that Rob Garagiola resorts to such desperate attacks.

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